10 Steps to a Plastic Free Life: #7 Give up disposable Cutlery make your own

wegwerf besteck

There are so many Alternatives to plastic flatware. You can make it out of water and flour your own edible plates and spoons.

Mix a dough of equal parts of flour and water. If you like savory or colorful cutlery, you can also add spices and salt. The mass sticks terribly on the fingers, but if the ratio is right, the dough can roll out on a floury base. Then you put real cutlery as a template on the dough and cut the shapes with a sharp knife. Especially with the tines of the fork, there is a need for tact. Preheat oven, lay out baking sheet with baking paper. It is best to place the cut out cutlery on real forks and spoons for baking – then it will even get a 3D shape. After about 15 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, the dough is as hard as a cracker. Of course you can not really cut anything with the knife and the tines of the fork are not really suitable for skewering. But at least the spoon worked really well and did not dissolve in the soup either.

wegwerf besteck
source http://trenntmagazin.de/besteck-zum-essen/