Bright Water is realistic with cheap Rubber from Dandelions


Dandelions can produce Rubber. We use Bubbles for blocking Ice to float into Harbors. Recently we also use Bubbles to block Plastic to float into the Seas. So now we have a relative cheap Source of natural rubber we can make Nano Bubbles more stable so they can float down the river and cool down the river and even cool down the Sea through the bright Water Surface. We even can block the sun from bleaching the Great Barrier reef. When the Bubble finally plops, we get some Sea Salt Aerosols, so even the Clouds can become more brighten and increase so the Albedo. Nano Bubbles also can be used to lower the drag of Ships. Finally again a Design for the Sea, that also can save us from our worst mistakes? Here some Energy thoughts about Bright Foam.


Here a COP26 Press Conference about Ocean Pasture Restoration to drag down CO2. Also Alkalization with Lime from Sea Shells.

Here a COP26 Press Conference about Marine Cloud Brightening. Which is very promising and also cheap, especially when we manage to retrofit existing Ships.


Here a COP26 Conference about Mirror Earth Energy Rebalance(MEER)