Plastic packaging – Ball, Cylinder, Cuboid surface and volume online calculator


th (4)Recognize at a glance wastefull packaging. Principally: If the height and width are near 1:1 the lower the surface the less plastic and energ is used for packaging. Or the packaging is similar to a sphere, the less surface, the less of material.

Sphere Ball Globe, Cylinder, Cuboid Surface and Volume online Calculator

Sphere Surface: 4*Pi*r²; Cylinder: 2*Pi*r² + 2*Pi*h;Cuboid: 2*a(r)*b(h)+2*a(r)*c(t)+2*b(h)*c(t)
Ball Volumen: 4/3*PI*r²; Cylinder: Pi*r²*h;Cuboid: a(r) * b(h) * c(t)


Sphere Cylinder Dice-Quader
Radius(r): cm Höhe d. Zylinders an(h) Tiefe d. Würfels(t)

Surface cm² cm² cm²
Volume cm³ cm³ cm³